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Ergonomic-related injuries continue to disable employees and decrease productivity in the workplace. In an effort to combat this problem, CAP has aligned with the DoD to offer prevention solutions and accommodation services through its Work-Life Wellness Program (WLWP). This program encourages preventative measures for work-related repetitive stress injuries, such as tendonitis, epicondylitis, or carpal tunnel syndrome and back injuries sustained while working in a physical capacity that exceeds normal job requirements.

Although CAP is not able to procure any assistive technologies for preventive measures, WLWP is a proactive program through which we educate our customers on prevention of the repetitive stress injuries that can result from improper ergonomic configuration. This strategy can diminish the severity of ergonomic-related injuries or eliminate the need for accommodation altogether.

Download the Workplace Ergonomics Reference Guide

This guide provides quick reference illustrations of proper workstation ergonomics. Ensuring proper ergonomics in the workplace is a smart business decision because it increases employee productivity and satisfaction. Download Guide Now