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Request a Workplace Disability Needs Assessment

If you are familiar with assistive technology (AT) or know which specific AT will meet your needs, you are not required to receive a needs assessment from CAP. You can submit a CAP Request for the AT via www.cap.mil.

If you do not know what accommodations you need, a CAP representative can provide a needs assessment. A needs assessment can be provided to DoD and non-DoD employees as well as wounded, ill and injured Service members on active duty. However, please be aware that non-DoD employees will need to work with their agencies directly to procure the suggested AT. There are three ways these can be conducted:

  • Remote Needs Assessment: these can be conducted by email, telephone, videophone, MS Teams, Zoom, or video teleconference (VTC).
  • CAPTEC Needs Assessment: CAP's Technology & Evaluation Center (CAPTEC), located in the Pentagon, has workstations with various tools available for demonstration and trial.
  • Group Onsite Assessments: these are provided for agencies in the Washington DC metropolitan area with five or more individuals requiring assessments.

There are four ways to request a workplace disability needs assessment:

  • Submit a request to CAP through the website. All customers must select PIV Login (click the PIV Login button below, also located in the header on the right side) and create a CAP Customer account.

    PIV Login

  • Individuals who are able to visit the Pentagon can set up an appointment at CAPTEC by phone, 703-693-5160, or via email at CAP.CAPTEC@mail.mil.
  • If you are an agency representative in the Washington, DC metro area who has five or more employees that require assessments, email CAP.Assessment@mail.mil and a CAP representative will reach out to you and see if a visit can be arranged.
  • If you've already created an account, you may click the "Request a Workplace Disability Needs Assessment" button below. You must be logged in to start a request.

Request a Workplace Disability Needs Assessment

IMPORTANT NOTICE FOR NON-DOD AGENCIES: Effective October 1, 2020 (FY21), CAP no longer procure or provide assistive technology devices and accommodations to any Non-DoD employees with disabilities. CAP continues to conduct needs assessments, provides information, referrals and assist Non-DoD agencies in determining the appropriate and identify AT devices and accommodations to be purchased by your agency.