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Non-DoD Federal Civilian Employees with Disabilities

CAP actively builds stakeholder partnerships throughout DoD and the entire Federal workforce to anticipate emerging workplace needs to provide assistive technology (AT) and employment support services to DoD customers. CAP continues to conduct Workplace Disability Needs Assessments for non-DoD employees. Through this assessment process, CAP provides information, referrals, and assists Federal civilian employees with disabilities in determining the most appropriate AT devices and accommodations. Non-DoD employees will need to work with their agencies directly to procure the suggested AT.  Workplace Disability Needs Assessments may be conducted remotely or onsite at CAPTEC at the Pentagon. Additionally, CAP offers onsite group assessments for five or more employees at agency locations within the Washington D.C. metropolitan area.  To request a Workplace Disability Needs Assessment, please visit: https://cap.mil/Request-a-needs-assessment