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Computer/Electronic Accomodations Program

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    Place a request for an accommodation or request a needs assessment.

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    Ask CAP for help determining the appropriate accommodation(s) to meet your needs.

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News & Events

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CAP Requirements for Large-Screen Monitors

October 13, 2022

CAP requirements for Large-Screen Monitors. Please click "Read More" for more information... Read more ›

Image of an open door that reads "CAPTEC Open House"
Join Us For CAPTEC’s October Open House

October 24, 2022

Join us for the CAPTEC Open House! Click "Read More" for more information!... Read more ›

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CAP's Virtual NDEAM Lunch and Learn Series

October 04, 2022

Join us in October for CAP’s Lunch and Learn Series click for more information!... Read more ›

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FY22 CAP Request Deadlines

May 12, 2022

ATTENTION Employees/Service Members: SUBMIT YOUR REQUESTS TODAY!! Fiscal year (FY) 22 Product Request deadlines are fast approaching. ... Read more ›

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Scope Update: Sit-to-Stand Workstations and Ergonomic Chairs

August 01, 2022

Scope Update: Sit-to-Stand Workstations and Ergonomic Chairs Effective August 1, 2022... Read more ›

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