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Located in the Pentagon, the Computer/Electronic Accommodations Program Technology & Evaluation Center (CAPTEC) is a facility dedicated to supporting DoD Civilian employees with disabilities and wounded, ill and injured Service Members find the most accommodating assistive technology (AT) solutions.  CAPTEC staff are subject matter experts and are available to evaluate and demonstrate various AT.  They also provide comprehensive Workplace Disability Needs Assessments to support individuals in discovering the most appropriate accommodations to equip them in accomplishing their job tasks.  CAPTEC conducts Workplace Disability Needs Assessments and tours in-person or via video teleconference (VTC).

Scheduling an appointment at CAPTEC

To schedule an appointment at CAPTEC, please call 703-693-5160 or email cap.captec@mail.mil.  CAPTEC operating   hours are Monday through Friday 8:00 AM to 4:00 PM.  To request a workplace disability needs assessment, please click here

Upcoming CAPTEC Events


Information Table Outside of CAPTEC

March 11, 2024

Visit us at CAPTEC to learn more about the program and at the AT we can provide.