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About CAP

Empowering all people with disabilities throughout the Department of Defense to obtain equity, inclusion and accessibility to information and communication technology, positively impacting mission. 

To provide assistive technology and devices as reasonable accommodations, to support individuals with disabilities and wounded, ill and injured Service members throughout the Department of Defense in accessing information and communication technology.


  • DoD civilians with disabilities
  • Active duty Service members with disabilities or functional limitations
  • DoD employees with disabling conditions who are also:
    • Workers’ Compensation beneficiaries
    • Term and Temporary Employees
    • Workforce Recruitment Program (WRP)
    • Detail appointments
  • DoD managers who are ready to hire and accommodate
  • Federal agencies – CAP consultation services on assistive technology and accommodations


  • Department of Defense
  • Defense Human Resources Activity
  • Defense Personnel and Family Support Office
  • Wounded, Ill and/or Injured Service Members


  1. Improve Customer Service and Stakeholder Relationships
  2. Optimize Outreach Engagements, and Sustain Agency Partnerships
  3. Improve Operational Performance