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Beginning April 2, 2018, all non-Department of Defense visitors to the Pentagon must be pre-registered by a Pentagon sponsor. CAP personnel can serve as a sponsor for your visit to CAPTEC. Once you have successfully pre-registered, you can prepare for your visit to the Pentagon.

All visitors are encouraged to arrive at the Pentagon via Metro; it is the easiest and most reliable means of  transportation, as well as the closest. Currently this is the only entrance through which visitors may enter. There is no visitor parking at the Pentagon. Take Metro Rail's Blue or Yellow line to Pentagon (not Pentagon City).

Once you exit the turnstiles from the train, take the escalators (the Southside escalators) to your left, or the elevator to your right, up to the street level. Once at the street level, you will find signage that directs you to the visitor processing center, which is immediately to your right as you step off the Southside escalators. 

Please be aware that the process to obtain a visitor badge can vary in duration depending upon the number of visitors being processed and security requirements. All pre-registered CAPTEC visitors must bring an appropriate government-issued identification card or passport on the day of the visit. For additional information on the identification required, please click the box below. The appointment process at CAPTEC is very similar to the appointment process at your doctor's office. CAPTEC serves the employees of DoD and 70 federal agencies. Appointments are in high demand, and we typically schedule 2 weeks or more in advance. 

If you can't keep your appointment, we request the courtesy of a notification by phone or email as soon as possible. If you fail to show for a scheduled assessment or demonstration and do not let us know, we cannot schedule other appointments or make use of that time, causing unnecessary delays for all of our customers. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

To view acceptable forms of ID please click here.