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The General Service Administration (GSA) and the Office of Personnel Management (OPM) define telework as a work arrangement that allows an employee to conduct work during any part of regular, paid hours at an approved alternative worksite.  With portable computers, high-speed telecommunications, and pocket communication devices, many employees can work almost anywhere at least some of the time.  Flexible work arrangements offer the opportunity to attract and retain both diverse and highly skilled workers by boosting employee morale and productivity.

Each DoD agency establishes its own telework policies, under which eligible employees may participate.  Specific to the needs of employees with disabilities, CAP supports telework by providing accommodations for their telework location.

CAP evaluates the needs of employees with disabilities and purchases the assistive technology necessary to effectively complete their duties.  CAP’s telework policy is two-fold:

  • CAP can provide assistive technology to employees with disabilities who have a telework agreement in place with their DoD agency.  This allows CAP customers to have the same assistive technology solutions available at their telework site.
  • CAP can provide non-assistive technology, such as a computer and/or all-in-one machine (printer, scanner, fax, etc.) if the telework agreement is in place as a “form of reasonable accommodation.”

Due to safety precautions, CAP is unable to provide certain items intended for telework that require assembly, installation or need to be attached to furniture in non-federal locations. These items include: keyboard trays, monitor arms, etc. Please work with your local agency if you wish to receive any telework excluded accommodations.

Target groups for Telework as a form of a reasonable accommodation may include: 

  • Workers' Compensation beneficiaries;
  • Employees with disabilities who could be more productive if they were allowed to work at home or in some other off-site location; and
  • Individuals with disabilities who are physically unable to access their workplace.

Interagency Telework Site

The Office of Personnel Management (OPM) and the General Services Administration (GSA) established a joint website providing guidance on telework.  It provides information for employees who are considering telework, or already telework, for managers who supervise teleworkers, and for agency telework coordinators. For more information, please visit: www.telework.gov.

Telework Training

OPM offers interactive telework courses for employees and managers.  Telework 101 for Employees (external link) teaches employees strategies for teleworking efficiently, staying "plugged in" to the office, and managing interactions with co-workers and customers.  Telework 101 for Managers (external link) walks managers through the process of developing a program, selecting employees for telework, and managing effectively in a telework environment.  For more information, please visit: https://www.telework.gov/training-resources.