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Travel Reimbursement for Personal Assistants

CAP provides reimbursable Military Interagency Purchase Requests (MIPR) to DoD Agencies for travel expenses incurred by a Personal Assistant while traveling with and providing care for a DoD employee. This allows the DoD employee to take full advantage of training opportunities that have a direct impact on their job.

CAP Guidelines on Travel Reimbursement for Personal Assistants

  1. Travel Orders - You must prepare and submit travel orders for the Personal Assistant. Travel orders should include airfare, per diem, and other travel costs (i.e. mileage, taxi, etc.).
  2. POC - You must provide your financial activity's point of contact to whom CAP will send the reimbursable MIPR. Provide the name, address, and phone and fax numbers.
  3. Justification - Include a detailed justification identifying the activities expected from the Personal Assistant.

Note: In order to meet budgetary constraints at the end of the Fiscal year, CAP will NOT process any MIPR's after JULY 1st of any year.