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Voice Recorders

Voice Recorders are used to assist individuals who have vision limitations that prevent them from accomplishing essential job tasks. They accomplish this by using a microphone to record audio information and save it in a digital format. The user can then sort audio files into folders, play back information, and download the files on a computer.
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Philips Model# DPM8000-Full Recorder Kit

Philips Model# DPM8000-Full Recorder Kit

The Philips Digital Pocket Memo 8000 Digital Dictation Voice Recorder is a digital voice recorder. This item is used to record audio and allow an individual to play the audio back at another time. It has microphone with 360 degree sound pick up, can create files, which can be inserted, overwritten or appended, and uses a slide switch to operate. It operates with a light sensor signal and automatically changes microphone settings in different situations. This kit includes a docking station to charge the device and transfer recordings to a computer. Recordings can be encrypted in real time with a key length of 256 bits and the device itself can be assigned a pin. Individuals who need assistance with recalling auditory information, and have a cognitive condition that can affect memory or recall, may benefit from this product.

Audio Recording Built-in Storage
Philips VoiceTracer 2810 Digital Voice Recorder

Philips Voice Tracer 2810 DVR

The Philips VoiceTracer 2810 Digital Voice Recorder is a Voice Recorder. This recorder features two microphones for clear audio quality, as well as stereo MP3 and PCM recording. Additionally, this audio recorder features speech recognition software that allows the user to automatically transcribe their recordings. 8 GB of internal memory allows for up to 88 days of recording. Individuals who need assistance with recalling or transcribing auditory information may benefit from this device.

Audio Recording Built-in Storage Speech Recognition
SoniClear Meeting Recorder 9

SoniClear Meeting Recorder 9

The SoniClear Meeting Recorder 9 is a digital recording software. The SoniClear Meeting Record is a software that records digital audio through the computer or an attached microphone. It can be downloaded onto any Windows computer and was designed to capture audio in meetings. The software also captures the clock time as it records, allowing the user to access notes based on a specific time. It can save audio files as .mp4 or .wav files. Individuals who have cognitive impairments, or short term memory loss may be able to use this SoniClear Meeting Recorder 9 in order to carry out essential job functions.

Audio Recording Built-in Storage Computer Use Only