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Need Assistance

Contact us from 8:00 am-4:30 pm Eastern Time by phone at (833) 227-3272 or (703) 614-8416, (571) 384-5629 VP, or anytime by email at cap@mail.mil.

Contact our CAPTEC facility from 8am-4pm Eastern Time by phone at (703) 693-5160, or anytime by email at cap.captec@mail.mil.

FY22 CAP Request Deadlines

FY22 CAP Request Deadlines

  • To comply with acquisition cut-off dates, CAP establishes deadlines to ensure all FY22 procurement and close-out processes are completed by 30 September 2022.
  • All FY22 approved service, training and/or accommodation requests must be submitted to CAP by close of business (COB) on dates specified below.
CAP REQUESTSubmitted AND POC Approved by COB:
Services20 MAY 2022
Trainings20 MAY 2022
Accommodations17 JUNE 2022
  • If CAP is unable to fulfill your FY22 request, consult with your organization for Services, Trainings or Accommodations funding for the remainder of FY22.
  • Approved requests submitted after the cut-off dates will be fulfilled when CAP receives FY23 funding.

FY23 CAP Requests

  1. CAP will continue to process requests. Customers are encouraged to continue submitting FY23 Requests.
  2. Approved requests will be placed in a procurement queue. Once FY23 funding is available, CAP will notify customers to verify the requested items are still needed prior to placing orders.
  3. If products or services are required prior to the availability of CAP's FY23 funding, consult with your agency to determine alternate funding sources.

Stay tuned to CAP’s website for regular updates and information.

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