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Get an Evaluation

If you are familiar with assistive technology or have tried something before that you know will meet your needs, you are not required to receive an evaluation prior to receiving an accommodation from CAP. You can Request Accommodations.

If you do not know what accommodations you need, you can submit a request for an evaluation and a CAP staff member will contact you.

There are several options available to request an evaluation:

  • Virtual Evaluation: These can be conducted by telephone or video teleconference (VTC). A CAP staff member can discuss the available options over the phone or VTC. To request a virtual evaluation, please send an e-mail to the CAP Assessment team at CAP.Assessment@mail.mil.
  • CAPTEC Evaluation: CAP's Technology & Evaluation Center (CAPTEC), located in the Pentagon, has workstations with various tools available for demonstration and trial. Individuals who are able to visit the Pentagon can set up an appointment by phone, 703-693-5160, or via email at CAP.CAPTEC@mail.mil.