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CAP provides assistive technology for employees, wounded, ill and injured Service members and members of the public who require access to information and computer technology, including telecommunication systems. For a comprehensive list, please refer to our Accommodations Solution section.

No, the items on the website are a sample of the most requested items provided by CAP and are available for procurement via Blanket Purchase Agreement (BPA). A list of items included on the Blanket Purchase Agreement (BPA) can be found via the document HERE.

Effective August 1, 2022, CAP will no longer support requests or issue sit-to-stand workstations and/or ergonomic chairs. These items are considered off-the-shelf products and may be procured by your agency. If you have a need for adapted furniture, please coordinate any requests with your agency’s Disability Program Manager or your command. If needed, CAP will provide needs assessments to help you and your agency identify the appropriate accommodation solution.

CAP will remain a viable resource for needs assessments to help you and your agency identify an appropriate sit-to-stand solution for your workplace.

CAP can provide specific monitors to federal employees and Active Duty Service members with disabilities or debilitating conditions that affect vision. Important note: CAP can only provide 27" monitors that are available via Blanket Purchase Agreement. This document can be found via https://www.cap.mil/Customers/HowToMakeARequest.aspx Acceptable medical documentation includes: Doctor’s Note, VA Disability Ratings Sheet or Worker’s Compensation Acceptance Letter that states a diagnosed condition affecting the individual’s vision. The monitors can only be provided after a needs assessment or a complete justification describing the employee's job functions and how the larger monitor will be used. Please submit a needs assessment request for a monitor at www.cap.mil. CAP is only providing the following monitors listed on our website; these are the ONLY monitors that are available through CAP; no substitution. As is CAP’s standard policy, CAP cannot provide accommodations to contractors.

CAP funds interpreting services for DoD employees who attend job related training sessions lasting two days or longer, but not to exceed two weeks. CAP will only consider funding services if the training is held in a DoD office or facility. Training held in non-DoD facilities and offices, including those occupied by CAP’s federal partners or private entities, are not eligible for consideration because the host, whether a federal agency or recipient of federal funds, has a legal obligation to ensure equal access. Complete CAP Accommodation Request Forms for sign language, oral or tactile interpreting services must be submitted no less than 15 business days prior to the training/course. Please provide the following information when submitting a CAP request: Course/training title Copy of training/course description Copy of training/course registration Start and end dates Start and end times for each day Location of training/course Onsite point of contact (POC) information, including name, title, phone number and email address Any special instructions, such as: the need for interpreters with security clearances, parking arrangements, public transportation, etc… Please note, the requesting DoD agency must comply with the sign language, oral or tactile interpreting agency's cancellation policies (usually 48 or 72 hours). Please email the CAP Assessment Team at least one week (five business days) before the scheduled training/course if you need to cancel. Failure to comply with these policies may result in the requesting agency being responsible for any late cancellation fees.

Equipment will only be delivered to a Federal government facility. We will deliver to the official work address provided in the CAP Request Form.

CAP will make two shipment attempts using the address information provided. After the first attempt, the customer will be notified that shipment failed and will be asked to confirm address information. Be sure to confirm this information with the agency POC or mailroom/facility. If the second shipment is returned, the CAP accommodation request will be cancelled, and the customer will be required to work with their agency to obtain any necessary accommodations. Please ensure all of the information included in the CAP request is complete and correct to help facilitate a successful delivery.

In most cases, CAP staff members do not know which products are approved for your organization, as every organization has their own process for certifying products. CAP recommends that you check with your agency's IT department, IT help desk, or the Resource Information Management Office when trying to confirm if a product is approved for use. CAP staff members will work with you and your agency's designated officials to assist in the certification process by discussing specific assistive technologies and assisting agency personnel as needed.

Assistive technology should be installed by your organization's information technology support staff. CAP is not responsible for installing assistive technology.

Yes, CAP may provide training, also known as technical services, to help customers learn how to use assistive technology accommodations. No more than eight hours of training will be provided and a technical services questionnaire must be completed by the customer prior to CAP processing the request. Customers may request both onsite and self-paced tutorial training, however it is customary to try the tutorials first and request additional training if that is not sufficient

Yes, if you require an upgrade to your current assistive technology, please submit a new CAP Request Form that identifies the version of your technology, the serial number and the upgrade you need.

Yes, CAP can provide assistive technology to Active Duty Service members.

Yes, CAP can provide accommodations to any Guard/Reservist as long as that member is currently on Active Duty orders. Once the Service member returns to a non-active status, CAP can no longer provide accommodations for that individual.

No, CAP does not provide assistive technology for federal contractors. That is the responsibility of the employer. If the federal agency has contractors working in federal space and/or on federal networks, the agency may opt to provide the contractors with the assistive technology. However, it is not CAP policy to purchase assistive technology for contractors.

No, unfortunately CAP cannot provide assistive technology for the prevention of work related injuries. Review CAP's Workplace Ergonomics Reference Guide to learn how you can prevent work related injuries.

Yes, CAP will provide assistive technology for interns with disabilities that are paid employees of federal agencies. CAP has provided Workforce Recruitment Program (WRP) for College Students with Disabilities.

Yes, CAP provides assistive technology to help increase public access to federal services and information. Furthermore, CAP provides assistive technology to increase communication access between and amongst employees with and without disabilities.

"Reply All" to the order notification email received from CAP and provide the name of the correct product. A CAP representative will notify you of the next steps.

"Reply All" to the order notification email received from CAP and provide details of the damage. A CAP representative will notify you of the next steps.

No, CAP does not process requests for the repair or routine maintenance of accommodations; the employee's agency should handle such requests internally through its IT or IRM department or contract a vendor to perform the necessary repairs. Some accommodations are under a manufacturer warranty while some software packages may have upgrades or patches available- allowing for a return merchandise authorization or free download. If your product does come with a manufacturer warranty, be sure to complete the form provided and submit that document to the manufacturer directly as soon as you receive the product.

When CAP purchases assistive technology for an employee the equipment becomes the property of the employee's agency. CAP is not in a position to dictate to agencies how they manage their equipment. Therefore, the individual agencies have the freedom to decide if equipment should go with the employee if they change federal jobs, or stay with the agency. In our effort to be "green", CAP strongly encourages agencies to transfer their assistive technology with the federal employee to another federal job. The equipment should stay within the federal government system. This would reduce the timeframe for replacement of the equipment for the employee, reuse the technology and save federal funds.

The CAP Technology & Evaluation Center (CAPTEC) is located in the Pentagon and houses a wide variety of assistive technologies available for employees to try. Upon request, CAPTEC staff can meet with you to learn about your disability, discuss your workplace requirements, and assist you in identifying the accommodation(s). If you unable to visit CAPTEC, a CAP staff member may be able to provide an assessment over the phone. If you are interested, please contact cap.assessment@mail.mil.