Need Assistance?

Contact us from 8:00 am-4:30 pm Eastern Time by phone at (833) 227-3272 or (703) 614-8416, (571) 384-5629 VP, or anytime by email at

Contact our CAPTEC facility from 8am-4pm Eastern Time by phone at (703) 693-5160, or anytime by email at

FY20 Procurement Deadlines

CAP has funding and is standing by to receive and process your reasonable accommodation requests for assistive technology products. 

Please note, that there are mandated cut-off dates by our procurement office in order to allow time to close out FY20 procurement/financial actions. 

If requesting items listed on CAP’s website, these items must be approved by CAP before close of business on August 10, 2020, in order for the items to be acquired in FY20. Any accommodation items that are not able to be approved by August 10 will be procured when appropriate FY21 funds are available in October 2020 timeframe. Please encourage your personnel to submit requests to CAP as soon as possible so that accommodations can be procured in FY 20!