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FY21 Procurement Deadlines

For compliance with FY21 acquisition cut-off dates, CAP establishes deadlines to ensure FY21 procurement process completion by the end of September 2021. Approved requests submitted after the cut-off dates listed below will be filled when CAP receives FY22 funding.

FY21 CAP Request Deadlines:
1.      21 June 2021: Requests for Services or Trainings. CAP no longer accepts requests for FY21 services or trainings. Please consult with your organization if funding is needed for Services or Trainings for the remainder of FY21. Customers may continue submitting requests for FY22 Services and Training.
2.       19 July 2021: Accommodations on CAP's Blanket Purchase Agreement (BPA) must be requested and approved by close of business (COB)  to be procured in FY21.
3.      2 August 2021: Any non-BPA or Government Purchase Credit Card (GPC) requests must be approved by COB to be procured in FY21.

FY22 CAP Requests:
1.      CAP will continue to process requests, so we strongly encourage customers to continue submitting requests. If approved, requests will be placed in a queue for procurement. Once FY22 funding is available, CAP will reach out to customers to confirm items are still required prior to ordering equipment. 
2.      Funding updates will be posted on the website as funding information becomes available.
3.       If products are required prior to the availability of CAP's FY22 funding, please consult with your agency to determine if left over FY21 funds may be available for your accommodation.