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Top 5 ways to speed up your CAP request

In order to help CAP process your request as efficiently as possible, there are a couple things that individuals can do to help ensure that CAP has all the information it needs to move forward. The most top 5 of these things are: 

1. Make sure you’re following your agency’s internal RA policies

2. Be prepared to potentially provide medical documentation to support your request for accommodations

3. Let your POC know that you’re submitting this request and that they’ll have to provide a statement of approval for the request and potentially to ship items to your home location

4. Make sure you address is fully correct and valid with USPS

5. If you need additional time to gather any information or materials needed to support your request, let CAP know! CAP can grant deadline extensions on a case by case basis.

If you ever have any questions about your CAP request or are unsure where you are in the process, always feel free to reach out to CAP via or give us a call at (833) 227-3272 or (703) 614-8416 (Voice) or (571) 384-5629 (Videophone). 

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