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COVID-19 and Telework Accommodations

CAP understands that COVID-19 is altering the way many of us are doing business, with that in mind, temporarily on a case-by-case basis, CAP will now be able to ship accommodations to alternative addresses, including residential addresses (more information below). In addition, if you have received accommodations from CAP in the past and now require additional equipment to complete your mission from the telework environment, CAP may be able to help. Please feel free to submit a new request via, either for duplicates of what you received for office use (if applicable) or for alternative solutions that would be more appropriate for your telework location. If you have any questions about what CAP can provide for the telework environment, please don't hesitate to contact us.


PLEASE NOTE that CAP cannot provide monitor arms, keyboard trays, or other items that require installation at the telework locations. CAP also cannot offer items that are currently out of scope, even if it was purchased for you previously. If this is what you received from CAP, please feel free to contact us, there may be alternative items to consider.


PLEASE NOTE that if you are providing an alternate address, approval from your approving official/supervisor or designated POC will be required. Additionally, please note that items sent to home addresses are expected to be brought back to your typical work location when you return. Transport for the equipment, whether manually bringing the equipment back or having it shipped, is the responsibility of you and your employing agency.