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Accommodation Solutions

CAP's process for determining the best accommodation solution includes your active and informed participation. CAP works with you to identify, evaluate, and select the appropriate modification or adjustment to your work environment that enables you to perform the essential functions of your job. By working with CAP, you are assured of having the same employment rights and privileges as those of people without disabilities.

CAP offers you several ways to learn about the assistive technologies available to improve your capabilities. These technologies, which can be used to maintain, increase, or improve your ability to perform your job or seek employment, are available to accommodate people with all types of disabilities, including both apparent physical disabilities as well as hidden cognitive disabilities.  To find the solutions that work best for you, you can choose to search the CAP site for solutions, or you can browse by disability.

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If you are ready to place a request for an accommodation, or need help to determine the appropriate accommodation to meet your needs, we can help!

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