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Important Notice

Effective October 1, 2018, all reasonable accommodation requests submitted to CAP will require an approval email from your agency’s approving official to ensure the accommodation fulfills a valid federal government requirement.

An email notification will be sent to the Supervisor/POC included on all CAP requests for reasonable accommodations. The Supervisor/POC must “Reply All” stating approved, and that the request fulfills a valid federal government requirement, within five (5) business days; before CAP will continue processing the request for reasonable accommodations. Failure to obtain approval by the indicated deadline will result in a denial or cancellation of the reasonable accommodation(s).

CAP will not process requests for assistive technology nor execute federal funding on accommodation requests until an official e-mail is received from the authorized approving official. This new policy ensures that CAP processes are fully audit ready from request to delivery.

Please inform your supervisors, managers, and coworkers of this change.

**Your agency’s approval of the accommodation request does not commit federal government funds.**

CAP reserves the right to deny, cancel, or adjust an accommodation request based on federal government resources, requirements, and needs.